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Woodpeckers are in the Family Picidae which also includes piculets and wrynecks. The Northern Flicker is a type of woodpecker. The Downy Woodpecker and the Hairy Woodpecker look very similar, but you can tell the difference by their size and the length of the beak. The Hairy Woodpecker has a much longer beak than the Downy. The Downy Woodpecker is the smallest woodpecker in North America averaging about 6.5 inches while the Hairy Woodpecker averages about 9.75 inches. Also by the presence of black spots on the white tail feathers of the Downy Woodpecker which are absent on the Hairy Woodpecker. The Red-naped Sapsucker has a yellow breast and upper belly. They are black on the back and wings with white bars; they have a large white wing patch. Adult males have a red throat patch; for females, the lower part of the throat is red, the upper part white.

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